In the series of videos below, Trey Powell, owner of Mosquito Joe of Lake Murray breaks down how many mosquitoes you may have on your property and how you can combat the problem. He addresses various questions and concerns regarding mosquito habits, breeding and control.

How Mosquitoes Breed and Proper Breeding Conditions

Watch while Trey shares a detailed breakdown of how mosquitoes reproduce and what conditions are required for breeding. Due to their rapid breeding cycle, mosquitoes can quickly become a pesky problem. Recognizing ideal breeding conditions and identifying sites that could be prime for reproduction is necessary for eliminating mosquitoes from your yard.

Starting Service Early to Break the Breeding Cycle

While adult mosquitoes die off during winter, their eggs are able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Trey emphasizes the importance of treating your yard early so those remaining mosquito eggs are eliminated before summer.

Rain’s Effect on Mosquitoes and Our Mosquito Control Treatment

Trey explains how rainfall can not only catalyze the mosquito breeding cycle but also cause eggs to migrate. While rain might escalate the mosquito problem in your area, high levels of rain won’t compromise the integrity of your Mosquito Joe treatment.